Long live the King

Okay, you can’t have a horror blog and not mention Stephen King.  The man has inspired so many to hide under their cartoon character bedsheets and read by the light of a flashlight, despite our mom’s having taken the book away because we were having nightmares, but still needed find out what happened.  Or was that just me?  What better way to start than with Stephen King, who was my first taste of horror.  Spoiler alert!  I think most horrorphiles have read this book.  It was published in 1981, so it’s been out there awhile, but if for some reason you haven’t-stop reading this, go buy it, download it, audio book it, Kindle or Nook it, whatever’s your poison-you’ll like it.

As a twelve-year old in 1990, I got my grubby little hands on Stephen King’s It. Page after page, I could not put the book down, hooked from the beginning when little George has his arm ripped off by Pennywise the clown.  This clown inspired generations of new coulrophobes, myself included.  On top of that, It, as Pennywise is called by the Losers (the group of 7 friends the novel revolves around), are attacked by manifestations of their respective fears.  There are several horrific murders in the town of Derry, Maine.  And the Losers find out what’s responsible.  As a twelve-year-old reader, I was put off by the lengths Beverly went to with the group to maintain the bond necessary for fighting Pennywise; however I can never stay mad at the King, and he did his best to represent that scene as non-perverse (for lack of a better word) as possible.  Ultimately, it’s the friendship of the group that allows them to hurt Pennywise and escape….But that’s just the first part of the story.  27 Years later, the group is contacted by Mike, the only one to remain in Derry, the murders have begun again.  Weirdly, the group has no recollection of It but come home anyway, because of the promise they made as children.  Long story short, some die, some live, but they reconnect and destroy It.

One thought on “Long live the King

  1. I’m simply amazed that you read this when you were 12. You’re freaking brave! I didn’t even know there was a word for people who are afraid of clowns.

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