My Homage to the Beautiful and Talented Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor of the violet eyes is known for her wonderful films, her many marriages(7) and her friendship with Michael Jackson.  Elizabeth Taylor is my favorite American Icon.  My favorite Elizabeth Taylor films are Giant, in which the late icon James Dean has a role, as a matter of fact, the movie didn’t debut until after his death; and Cleopatra, where she played the last Queen of Egypt the way it should be played-pompously, ambitiously and over-the-top, and I absolutely love it!  When I first saw Cleopatra as a child, I recall her sending her servant to tell Marc Antony that he will “find me in the last possible place anyone would look – literally – the last possible place”.  And a lightbulb turned on in my little girl brain, wow, until then, I could never remember the difference between figuratively and literally, but thanks to Liz, I always remember—I know, I know, random memory, I’m just saying, Elizabeth Taylor taught me a few things.  Goodbye Elizabeth, you will be missed.

Elizabeth Taylor had a long career; she began as a child actor and successfully segued into adult roles.  In keeping with the horror theme of this blog, I want to talk about her movie: Doctor Faustus (1967).  Now this movie isn’t for everyone.  This movie was made during Elizabeth much-made-about romance with Richard Burton.  The movie was based on the Christopher Marlowe play Dr. Faust.  Good old Dr. Faust can never satsify his thirst for knowledge and he sells his soul to Mephistopheles, and you know that can’t turn out well.  Richard Burton plays his part very well, he can certainly play angsty and tortured.  Don’t forget he was a stage actor first, and this training comes through in this movie, it could be off-putting to some, but I eat it up with a spoon.  Elizabeth Taylor herself only has a bit role in this movie.  She mostly shows up in her dreams.  I’m pretty sure that she was only added to play up on the real-live romance between her and Richard.  So, she’s only eye-candy for the die hard fans.  But honestly, aren’t we all fans? Honestly though, it’s not a bad movie.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s not a complete waste of an afternoon, and if you’re an Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton fan, you should watch it again.

2 thoughts on “My Homage to the Beautiful and Talented Elizabeth Taylor

  1. I remember her from Father of the Bride (1950). She was so beautiful! I also remember she came out on the tribute concert for Freddie Mercury. I’ve never seen Doctor Faustus (1967), but why is she all silver?

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