Edward Gorey, Illustrator

I am just hoping to introduce you all to one of my favorite artists, Edward Gorey.  I mean, come on, the man’s name is Gorey (gory, get it), how awesome is that?  Edward Gorey was an illustrator of hilarious, gothic-y Victorian books.  Sadly, Mr. Gorey passed away in 2000.

Apparently, the NIN video for the song “The Perfect Drug” was inspired by Edward Gorey, and some scenes reference The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

You could learn more about Edward Gorey from his wesite:


One of his works, the one that made me a fan: 

3 thoughts on “Edward Gorey, Illustrator

  1. Yeah, he does remind me of Tim Burton. I haven’t seen the book that you’re talking about, but it sounds interesting. I imagine a young Tim Burton devouring his books and being influenced by Gorey’s style.

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