Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Horror Mother’s Day!

There is something slightly creepy in a Stepford-y way about June Cleaver cleaning with in her heels and pearls….she’s evil, I tell you.  

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  Alright, so Mother’s Day is the day that we choose to honor the woman that gave birth to us, fed us, and kissed our boo boos.  We think of someone who “mothers” us as being compassionate, supportive, nurturing, affectionate and caring.  But hell, this isn’t a blog about all the goodness that encompasses our ideas of mothers.  This is a horror blog, so I would like to honor all those mom’s whose bond between mother and child was used for evil, or led to evil.  Since moms are supposed to wholesome and good-it makes her a real good villain.

Mother from Mother’s Day. This redneck old woman not only demoralizes much like Mother Bates, but even goes so far as telling her crazy hillbilly boys to rape, torture, and murder.  In my opinion, the worst mother of the bunch, simply because she is actively teaching her children to do wrong.  I mean, come on, at least have the decency to justify it with religion or something, in the way Margaret White does.

Pam Voorhees from Friday the 13th.  Pamela Voorhees loves her special boy, Jason.  So much so, that when a bunch of idiot teens inadvertently cause his death, she has her vengeance.  She murders the two counselors she considers responsible for her boy’s death.  She poisons the water and basically does everything she can to close the camp.  Mrs. Voorhees is an example of how a mother’s love can turn deadly.

Madeline Matheson from Grace.  This is a movie that depicts the lengths a mother would go to in order to give her child life.  In a cringe-worthy scene, we see Madeline with bloody breasts, suffering so that little Grace can survive.  Along the way, she also kills a few people and loved ones to keep Grace’s eating disorder a secret.  A good movie to watch.  Unlike Margaret White or Mrs. Bates, Madeline mothers out of love, not hate, yet her love is just as horrifying.

Margaret White from Carrie.  I’m sure all of us have, at one time or another, met with the type of religious zealotness that just makes us cringe and want to beat that person with the bible.  I say to each his own, so long as it isn’t really hurting anyone.  Unfortunately, considering The Crusades, and every Jihad since the beginning of Islam, there is always a new batch of zealots ready to get their religion on, or kill you for it.  Margaret White from the movie based on the Stephen King book of the same name- Carrie, is that kind of religious creep.  She pushes her fanatic views on her daughter, Carrie.  In a memorable scene, Margaret tells Carrie, “I can see your dirty pillows.  Everyone will”.  She also utters the most quoted line from the movie, “They’re all gonna laugh at you”.  In the end, Carrie gives Margaret her comeuppance.  In a fitting scene, she crucifies her mamma, saying, “You gave me darkness instead of love, Momma; now I’m going to give you darkness, so you can join whatever god lives there”

Mrs. Bates from Psycho.  The best thing about Mrs. Bates is that she is not actually a character in the movie.  No one plays Mrs. Bates.  Yet the affects of Mother Bates on her dear little Norman were destructive and ultimately fatal–to the women in his life.  Norman was so domineered by good ol’ mom, he can’t actually let her die.  I don’t want to put in too many spoilers, but mothers beware–this could happen if you don’t cut the apron strings.

Joan Crawford from Mommie Dearest.  Okay, first off, I love this movie.  It’s technically not a horror film. Yet the relationship between the silver screen star and her adopted children is completely horrifying.  Faye Dunaway stars as the icon Joan Crawford.  Joan uses her adopted children merely as props for her press.  I watched this movie only once years ago, and was terrified by the image of the mother strapping her children down to sleep, I guess this was Joan’s way of tucking in the kiddos. Naturally, this movies emblematic scene is Joan inspecting her daughter’s room like the control freak she is, and finds a wire hanger.  She flogs the little girl with it, screaming, “no wire hangers”.  Which, I find myself screaming any and every time I hear anyone say the word hanger.  For a non-horror movie, Faye Dunaway’s depiction of Joan Crawford is spine chilling.  Show it your kids when they claim your a bad mom.

Come give us a kiss, Norman. 

Well, there are all kinds of moms.    There is this fascination with evil mother’s is because the things they do is a betrayal of everything it means to be a mother.  It’s especially shocking.  Unfortunately, there are some real life horrifying mothers out there.  Today, I just wanted to keep it light and focus on the t.v. screen ones.  Except for Joan Crawford.  But she’s so theatrical and over the top, it’s hard to remember it’s supposedly based on true story.  I hope that none of you have any of the ones I just mentioned.  When you are thinking about how your mother is harping or especially nagging; remember:  it could be worse.  Happy Mother’s Day.

Awwww……mother and son, reunited.

Can you think of any cringe-worthy mothers?

7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Mo’Nique played that horrible mother in Precious.
    Lol, and the mother of the Fratelli brothers in The Goonies.

    Mama Fratelli: There it is. Okay Jake you first.
    Jake Fratelli: I ain’t going down there mama. Are you kidding me?
    Mama Fratelli: [Cocking the handle back on the gun and pointing it at Jake] Go!
    Jake Fratelli: I can’t argue with that mama.

    Not to mentioned she kept Sloth chained up and dropped him as a baby.

    • I am one of the few people in the world who hasn’t seen Precious. But yeah, I love the Goonies, and yes, Mama Fratellli isn’t the best mom in the world.

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