Are there any horror movies about evil bosses?

A few friends and I went and saw the movie Horrible Bosses with Jason Bateman this Friday.  Loved, loved, loved that movie.  It has kept me chuckling all weekend, repeating the funniest phrases I could recall:

Dale: “Your ad said you do wet work?”
Not the Hit Man: “I urinate on other men for money. Why else do you think my ad was in a ‘Men Seeking Men’ section.”
(argument breaks out between Nick, Dale and Kurt)
Dale: “We are men, looking for a man!”.

Good stuff, watch it if you get the chance, it’s on my mental list of all time funniest movies ever, it’s actually fighting for the spot I’ve reserved for The Hangover.  Anyway, it got me thinking about horror movies that are about bosses, or where the story at least somehow involves an evil boss.  But I can’t think of any.  Help me out guys, are there any horror movies about a Nefarious Boss?  Okay, now that’s got me thinking of possible titles for said movie–The Manager from the Black Lagoon?  (I wish I could draw, somehow I think that this movie would be based on a cartoon, oh sorry, graphic novel).  What about Night of the Brain Dead Manager? Psycho, wait, no, that’s a real movie.  Actually, there’s a few titles out there that would be perfect for a movie about Evil Bosses–Devil, Zombieland, The Evil Dead, Braindead–already apply.  

I posit that there is a reason we don’t have horror movies with such a topic, and that’s cause the majority’s jobs are already so horrible, that a horror movie about it wouldn’t be an escape.  I mean, think about it, horror movie lovers love horror because it’s escapist literature(yeah, I said it, movies are a form of literature).  We, in general, would probably not want to watch a movie for example, Snakes on a Plane, if we had actually gone through the ordeal.  We have to keep it light or we’ll go postal (lol, get it).  Those of us, who have had to deal with Toxic Bitchy Bullying Bosses know what I’m talking about.  We bitch about are bosses to one another over beers, try to one up each other with How Stupid my Boss is stories(for example, she kept faxing papers the wrong side up so all she faxed was blank pages, and despite being corrected continued to do so for years) or How Evil my Boss is stories (he took credit for my work right in front of me and the Big Boss).  For fun, we may or may not plot their hypothetical deaths (I admit nothing, but I hear these things happen).  But we have to keep it light, we have to be able to laugh at it, and that’s why, in my opinion…there are no horror movies about an evil boss.  And why movies like Horrible Bosses, The Devil Wears Prada, and Office Space are so successful.  

Or am wrong?  Guess I am, I just asked my friend and Co-worker Jay, and he came up with The Devil’s Advocate (good one, Jay), however, it’s more of a mystery/thriller.  But it’s the closest thing to an Evil Boss horror movie.

Can you guys think of any?

Disclaimer:  Uncoolghoul does not any way, shape, or form mean to imply that her current boss is one of the aforementioned Mephistophelian Employers…it’s just an observation and random thought.

One thought on “Are there any horror movies about evil bosses?

  1. I’ve never thought of murdering my boss. I’ve thought about having them fired.. and attempted it once. But maybe that’s why we don’t kill.. because you’d have to be seriously disturbed to kill your bosses and after killing two of your bosses, you’d get busted. 🙂

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