Pediophobia+Barbie+Dark Humor = Marie Clayton

As a child of the 80s, having been subjected to movies like Chucky, Dolls, and Puppet Master, somewhere along the way, I was positive my dolls awoke at night and were trying to murder me.  Despite that,  I really really wanted-had-to-have a Cabbage Patch Kids Doll (it’s the 80s version of Elmo, as a matter of fact CPK’s were the first must-have toy), my mother staunchly refused.  And proceeded to horrify me with tales of possessed Cabbage Patch Kids harming their little “adoptive” parent.  That was the big appeal of Cabbage Patch, they came with birth certificates.  (Hmmmm, I just realized Cabbage Patch Kids may have contributed to the high number of single parents in America…whaaaat…I think I’m on to something).

Check out one of my favorite sites:  It’s my absolute fave urban legend site and according to them, the legend going around at the time and apparently came out on the National Enquirer (which I totally remember my mother used to read) was  that Cabbage Patch dolls were coming to life and strangling their owners.  It detailed the experiences of a number of women longing for babies of their own who adopted the toys and pretended they were real.  Satan possessed the dolls, naturally, anything possessed by satan is up to no good.

Anyway, back to my story: after my mother’s stories that happened to a friend of a friend, or some cousin I hardly knew, my emotions were torn:  I wanted this toy, but what if it were true?  Needless to say, I never adopted a Cabbage Patch Kid, and I have never gotten over my fear of dolls, which is called Pediophobia, by the way.  Yeah, that’s right, you can learn something on my blog.   It’s also common for pediophobes to be afraid of only specific types of dolls.  Like me, I fear dolls, especially those where the eyes suddenly come open, and porcelain dolls, clown dolls, those new Baby Alive Dolls (really, toy industry, really?) and probably several others.

But I was never afraid of Barbie, at one time I actually had and played with 14 Barbies.  They were all lesbians because my mother wouldn’t buy me a Ken doll.  I have this one childhood memory that always makes me chuckle:  I’m looking up at my mom asking Why can’t I have a Ken doll?  And my mother just saying over and over, No, you can’t have a boy doll. And I whine: But why not?  Imagine my dismay when I finally got my hands on one of my friend’s dolls and undressed him and…..nothing.  What was the big deal?  Oh my God, that was just like my real first sexual encounter.  Just kidding.  So yeah, I cut the hair of a few of my Barbies and et viola…instant boyfriend.

Enough about me.  Whilst stumbling, I came upon some pictures that appealed to my dark side and love of all things Barbie.  The photos are by Marie Clayton, who I can’t find much info on, but love love love her work.  I think you will too.  Check it out:  The Dark side of Barbie.  For more of her work check out her site:!

Just paying the bills....

What happens behind closed doors..

LOL...this was me, back in the day...Where is it?

I love this one! Reminiscent of Prom Night Dumpster Babies

This one reminds me of Black Swan for some reason

Ken should have shut up while her show was on

Ken out of the closet...with a bang

7 thoughts on “Pediophobia+Barbie+Dark Humor = Marie Clayton

  1. Wow this was waaayyy disturbing!! I loved it! Just so you know I had 2 CBK’s. I had a boy first which I named Christopher, and a girl I named Sarah. I disliked Sarah because I was convinced it was the girls dolls that came to life and killed you. I kept Sarah in my wooden toy chest at night with a heavy stack of books on top. TAKE THAT SARAH! Meanwhile, not scary Christopher stayed in bed with his “mommy”. It’s funny to me that I still have this fear. My mother-in-law bought an “Angelina” doll… google it… porcelain with the eyes that are creepily open. It has never come out of its box! Take that dolly from Hades!! Thanks for the memories and the LOLs. 🙂

    • It brings me a sense of pride when someone says my blog is disturbing…thanks…I’m all warm and fuzzy now. I googled Angelina doll and I kept getting a doll based on Angelina Jolie, which looks like her so much it’s kinda creepy, but after a few other random sites, I found what I think is the correct Angelina doll, porcelain with creepy eyes, you were spot on girl. If there ever was a doll that was possessed with evil spirits intent on murder in the wee hours of the night, that’s one of them! Lol….you know, I hope to have a daughter some day, and when she’s just the right age, I am totally going to mindfuck her with stories about satanic dolls like my mother did, but then I’m actually going to buy them…I can’t wait.

  2. I find it utterly amazing how you were able to find all the small Barbie accessories, like the cookies in the cookie jar, ect. Especially how you put them all together. You’re work is wonderfully disturbing. Barbie is just to perfect or world that is falling apart, bringing her to reality is fair game.

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