TIFF ’11: Which Bloody Piece of Art Will Become the Official ‘Twixt’ Poster?!

TIFF ’11: Which Bloody Piece of Art Will Become the Official ‘Twixt’ Poster?!.

Frances Ford Coppola has a new Gothic Horror called Twixt inspired by the gothic horror of Edgar Allen Poe.  Val Kilmer plays a has-been writer on a book tour.  He gets caught up in a small town murder mystery of a young girl.  While in town, he dreams of a young girl who calls herself V. Starring Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Ell Fanning, and interestingly enough, Val’s former spouse, Joanne Whalley.  (btw, I totally loved them together in Willow).

The Good:  Frances Ford Coppola is legendary, Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern and Ell Fanning are solid actors.

The Bad (maybe):  Coppola is taking the movie “on tour”  and making the movie interactive.  It sounds kind of like those choose your own adventure stories from the 80s.  You know, go to page 5 if you choose the left path, go to page 8 if you choose the right.  One path leads to your death, the other continues the story.  But Coppola’s in charge, using a touch pad to select the scenes he wishes to show.  Only certain scenes are 3D.  So far, the consensus with the test panels is that the interactive movie is “glitchy” but interesting.  Side note: I think Coppola’s on to something.  A few more years and we’ll all have Holodecks à la Star Trek.

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