Your Facebook Posts Could End Up Inside Emmy Rossum’s New Horror Movie –

Your Facebook Posts Could End Up Inside Emmy Rossum’s New Horror Movie –

Yesterday, I blogged about Frances Ford Coppola and his new interactive upcoming Gothic movie, Twixt.  Well, looks like he’s not the only one.  DJ Caruso, the man that brought us I Am Number Four, Eagle Eye and Disturbia is calling his upcoming move, Inside, the “first interactive social horror film experience,” and is promising that Facebook and Twitter users can play their own role in dictating the plot of the film. One of them will even be lucky enough to land themselves a cameo role.”  Interesting….

Emmy Rossum (The Day After Tomorrow), plays Christina who finds herself trapped in a room with a laptop.  She uses social media to try to find help and get rescued.  And before you say anything, the internet connection is untraceable, so she can’t get help that way.  And we the audience, and here’s the exciting part,get to take part:  Starting on July 25th one piece of the film will be released every couple of days across different social media platforms. Users will respond to those pieces of the film with tweets, Facebook postings, and other methods. That input will be woven into the film itself to help the Emmy Rossum character unravel her mystery. Then on August 14th, the entire project, with YouTube videos, tweets, and all will be edited together into one single film and released in its entirety.

I gotta say, and no offense to Frances Ford Coppola, but this “interactive” movie certainly captivates the attention better than Twixt.

Here’s the trailer:  

Take Part in the experience:

3 thoughts on “Your Facebook Posts Could End Up Inside Emmy Rossum’s New Horror Movie –

  1. No, Frances Ford Coppola is “touring” with the movie. While it plays, he controls it-adding a scene, shortening a scene according to the crowd. He calls it “malleable cinema”.
    Frances Ford Coppola quote: “I consider it more what I call malleable cinema than interactive,” Coppola said. “Because I didn’t shoot it with real alternative plot nines. I could have, but I was thinking of it more as a Halloween show that you tailor to the audience. Not, does he go into the left door or the right door? And if he goes into the left door, that’s a different story.”

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