The Horror Club: Megan is Missing (2011)



















The Horror Club: Megan is Missing (2011).

Excerpt from review:  “If this movie doesn’t make you feel dirty enough to live in a shower for 3 days after watching it, you’re probably a serial killer.”

It’s very rare that I find a movie that actually scares me; thrills me-yes, great story-yes, beautiful or awesome effects-yes, but really scared-no, not really.   But this movie scares me, made me feel dirty for watching it, as if I was the perv, and it made me want to make the internet illegal for anyone under 21, seriously.  I wanted to write a review of Megan is Missing, but I found this one on The Horror Club, that basically said everything I wanted to say. Click the link above to read an awesome review of it.  

Rent it. Buy it. Netflix it.  Watch it.  Take away your teenagers internet.

Side note:  I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed when the news anchor went on and on about popular, pretty, white Megan Stewart and her disappearance,  interview clips with her mother and friends, complete with mini Megan Stewart biography and Megan Stewart slide show and her stats THEN the news anchor devoted a whole 12 seconds to a missing Crenshaw boy, Tercell Jackson-he’s 13, no other info was said about Tercell.  Social commentary about the bias of the news–I think so.

3 thoughts on “The Horror Club: Megan is Missing (2011)

  1. was this a true story or not ive been doing research on this movie i hope its not. no one should go through all that pain at all she was a virgin thats what makes josh even more dirty sombody answer this qestion plzz so i can stop cuz mi mom wants to no to.

    • My understanding is while this isn’t a true story, several elements are taking from real life stories. In fact, it is based on 7 real life cases. I guess it’s what’s classified as “based on true events,” meaning, this is based on several different cases and made into one story. So, there is a case of missing girls who were thought to have run away only to have their bodies discovered in blue barrels a man name Ward Weaver’s property some time later. This kind of sexual predator does exist online and does indeed stalk and lure children all the time. I don’t know if that’s exactly how the girls were lured in, I doubt it, since Ward Weaver’s teenage daughter was friends with at least one of the girls. So, it may not be based on just one particular story, but these things not only can happen, they have. Real children have gone through these horrors, including the ending.

  2. This movie was absolute garbage. Awful characters/acting, gratuitous for no reason and just an attempt at shock for shock’s sake. I cannot possibly begin to understand why anyone would praise such an emotionally exploitative film like this as if it’s making some kind of important statement. It absolutely did not.

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