Minimalist Horror Movie Posters Deux

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything, but c’est la vie.  So, I will ease back into this with an easy blog.  Minimalist Horror Movie Posters–I love them, so should you.  Here you go.

8 thoughts on “Minimalist Horror Movie Posters Deux

  1. These are great! Having never seen Dexter, I don’t understand the poster…Can you explain it? The Psycho one is probably my favorite. Which one is yours?

    • Dexter is a forensic blood splatter analysis guy. He uses blood to solve murders. He is also a serial killer, and he keeps a box of glass slides, each with a drop of his victims blood as a memento. Great show. You should watch it. You find yourself rooting for Dexter, the serial kill

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