The Revenant

ImageOkay, so I was looking up horror movies when I came upon The Revenant.  I still can’t get over how I missed this movie.  It came out in 2009 and has a 6.9% rating on IMDB, which is pretty darn good.  It’s touted as a black comedy-horror/buddy movie.  That’s accurate.  It’s no Sean of the Dead, but it has a lot of great moments.

ImageThe Premise:

Bart dies under mysterious circumstances in the Middle East.  His body is shipped back for his funeral, which his best friend Joey, his girlfriend, and his girlfriends best friend attend.  Bart’s girl is devastated by his loss and sleeps with Joey for comfort.  That night, Bart wakes up and heads over to Joey’s apartment.  Joey, after freaking out, sets out to help his best friend–cooking for him, when that doesn’t work because Bart’s body craves blood, Joey steps up and helps him try to get homeless men. Bart refuses but then opportunity presents itself when the buds get held up at gunpoint and Joey manages to knock the guy (Miguel) out.

Joey also finds out what Bart is–a revenant,  one who returns from the dead in corporeal form and seeks out blood.  (yeah, I had to look it up, but Joey gives a kick ass definition in the movie as well), to which Bart asks,  “Yeah, that’s me…so what the hell do you do?  Drink holy water and recite the Lord’s Prayer backwards, what?”Image

Anyway, after they manage to save a convenience store owner from being robbed (and gain Bart some blood), the guys go about at night as vigilantes-known to the media as the gunslingers.

Here’s one particular moment that cracked me up:

I enjoyed this movie quite a bit.  Joey’s character provided much of the funniest lines and was a good side sick for Bart.  The end was a little weird.  Can’t really put my finger on it, except that the movie never really takes itself seriously.  Then you get this random, right out of left field ending.

Bottom Line:  This movie is a fun movie to watch.  Give it a look-see.

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