Edward Gorey, Illustrator


I am just hoping to introduce you all to one of my favorite artists, Edward Gorey.  I mean, come on, the man’s name is Gorey (gory, get it), how awesome is that?  Edward Gorey was an illustrator of hilarious, gothic-y Victorian books.  Sadly, Mr. Gorey passed away in 2000.

Apparently, the NIN video for the song “The Perfect Drug” was inspired by Edward Gorey, and some scenes reference The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

You could learn more about Edward Gorey from his wesite:


One of his works, the one that made me a fan: 

Fairy tales: Children’s Intro to Horror?


Are fairy tales a children’s intro to horror?  I think so, this lover of horror was once a small little girl whose mom scared the heck out of her with so-called fairy tales.  The name implies beautiful tiny creatures bedecked with ribbons and sparkly dust going around granting wishes.  Yeah, right.  Forget the Disney version.  Disney’s versions haven’t been around long.  I’m not knocking the Disney sanitized versions.  I happen to love those movies as well.  However, this is a horror blog.  And remember, back in the day, children weren’t sheltered from the horror, as far as adults were concerned, they were just tiny adults.  Fairy tales were meant to entertain and hopefully impart a lesson.  Personally, I think fairy tales were more like urban legends-part product of their times/part cautionary tales.   You should definitely check out this link on the gruesome origins of fairy tales by Jaime Frater.  http://listverse.com/2009/01/06/9-gruesome-fairy-tale-origins/

Anyway, I was just thinking about fairy tales and their terrifying origins since I finally saw Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried.  Eh, it was alright.  It wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t good either.  It was visually beautiful, but the story was seriously lacking.  Now if you want to see a good movie based on fairy tales you should watch:

Snow White:  A Tale of Terror (1997).  Sigourney Weaver, Sam Neill, and Monica Keena.   It’s fantastic, terrifying-well, no not really, but it’s not your typical Disney version either.  There are no dwarfs in this movie.  But there are miners.    Make no mistake:  This is not a children’s movie.  It’s a darker version of the tale;  And it’s fantastic.  Sigourney Weaver plays the part of the evil Queen.  Only she doesn’t start out that way.  Watching this movie, I found myself feeling sorry for her (and maybe rooting for her just a little).  Naturally, that doesn’t last, because she does become the evil step-mother figure.  Monica Keena is beautiful as the innocent Snow White.  She does an excellent job.  Please don’t let the cheesy B-Film cover fool you-this is a fantasy story that horror fans will love.

Another movie based on fairy tales worth watching is:

Pan’s Labyrinth or El laberinto del Fauno (2006).  This movie isn’t based on one fairy tale in particular, but has several pieces and elements of fairy tales and mythology to create a new one.  This movie stars Ivana Baquero, Sergi Lopez and Mercedes Verdu.  Ivana plays the ten year old Ofelia, who loves fairy tales.  She and her mother move in with her new step father, the fascist Captain Vidal, played by Sergi Lopez.  This movie takes place in 1944, a few years after the Spanish Civil War, and Captain Vidal is hunting the remaining rebels.  So, young Ofelia retreats into her fantasy world to escape her reality of a sick mother, the fascist regime, and a step-father who enjoys the hunting and torture of pretty much anyone he doesn’t like.  It’s visually beautiful, fantastic, and creepy.  Once again, not for children.

I would like to add to this list.  Well, I’d like to make it a list.  I don’t think two movies qualifies as a list.  What are ya’ll suggestions on horror  movies based upon fairy tales?

Little Uncoolghoul introduced to fairy tales:

Little Uncoolghoul embracing the horror(pic by Nocturnal Devil):

And some more macabre cartoons by Nocturnal Devil that I thought were cool, plus they relate to fairy tales: